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Eco-Lok Protective Coatings established in 2016.
Despite being a newer company, they have gained a sound understanding and working knowledge of requirements and specifications in Firestopping, Fireproofing, and Intumescent Coatings. 

Our experience in Thermal & Moisture Insulation has enabled us to build substantial resources and technical backup to support our customers. 

This commitment led to a company expansion in 2019. Specializing in Spray Foam and Concrete Lifting. 

Our policy is to expand through technical innovation and technical standards around the world to provide a safe, reliable, and dependable one time service to our clients!

Our Certification/Qualification with all the appropriate documentations

Why Hire ECO-LOK?

As always Safety First

Increasingly, Builders are becoming aware of the significant long-term liability of firestopping, fireproofing and smoke sealing. Simply making these aspect of building envelope design the responsibility of the various sub-trades without due diligence is not only unwise but can potentially have significant financial, legal and costly ramifications in the future.


By hiring Eco-Lok's professional team, we ensure that all requirements, standards and approvals are in place and are well documented for consideration and future review.

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