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Demonstrating Competence and Quality of Service

Eco-Lok Protective Coatings has built a company loyalty by investing in its staff.  Empowering and fostering employee growth and development so that you benefit from highly skilled, highly trained professionals, that are dedicated quality workmanship.

UL Standards & Document Review

Correct installation of firestopping, as specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (ULC) Our on-site auditing system allows us to accurately track, log and specify each installation in detail.

Estimating & Tendering

At Eco-Lok Protective Coatings, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in construction. In order to address all of your planning and scheduling needs, we have developed a highly trained work force that maintains stringent quality control measures, minimal material wastage procedures to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. We have invested and incorporated the best equipment, advanced estimating software technology, innovative application techniques and the best industry resources in order to reduce our price and improve the efficiency of delivery to our customer.

Material & Handling

Eco-Lok monitors and records product delivery, handling and storage in relation to the environment and expiry dates on all the products that we use.

Striving towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety

Construction is intrinsically one of the most dangerous industries in existence.  At Eco-Lok Protective Coatings, we share a strong commitment to ensuring safe working conditions for all of our employees and other trades on site. Our company follows a very detailed safety program that is centered on three principles: Education, Identification and Empowerment. From the moment our employees walk through the door, we train them how to act safely, we require them to observe and identify any potential unsafe conditions and we authorize everyone to make decisions to impact job site safety. At the end of the day we want to ensure that everyone goes home safely to their families!

Focused on Safety - adds value, protects employees and reduces costs

Why is this so important for our customers? Unsafe practices are expensive!  By employing excellent safety control processes, these cost savings allow us to reduce prices to our customers on a variety of different levels. On a more practical level, safe practices mean reliable service with fewer work stoppages.


Eco-Lok Protective Coatings are dedicated to saving lives as well as enhancing the integrity and performance of the property. Our commitment is to provide leadership within the discipline of firestopping,  sprayed applied coatings and sprayed-on fire resistant material by establishing and maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Eco-Lok stands as a strong advocacy in the design and construction community, establishing the construction standards, and monitoring installation quality to meet and exceed national standards.

We will not participate in any acts of construction corruption or collusion to persuade favouritism or perferred treatment in the selection of our company. We offer quality service, installed by highly experienced staff using only leading industry products. Our ability to finish in a timely and effiecent manner is key to our success.

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