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Eco-Lok Protective Coatings provides the highest standard of service to our clients throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northern Ontario. We are capable of providing conventional sprayed fireproofing, intumescent coatings, firestopping, smoke sealing for the commercial and industrial sector. Eco-Lok offers firestopping solutions that provide passive fire protection systems to minimize the impact and contain damage in the event of a fire. Our firestopping division is dedicated to protecting your investment and ensuring the safety of your number one asset, your employees. 


When penetration are created for building services, within a fire rated floor, wall or roof assembly it becomes critical to seal these penetrations to a rating equivalent to the fire resistance rating of the assembly.  This design approach will assist in confining a fire to its origin, thereby giving the building's suppression system or firefighters a better chance to control it before the entire structure becomes involved.

All firestopping applications are designed to meet CAN/ULC-S115-05 Standard Tests for Firestop Systems.


Gypsum or Portland cement based products are a single component, spray applied fire resistive plaster that is sprayed applied during the application process. Low cost alternative. This standard durability product is ideal for fireproofing interior locations that are concealed from view.  Roof beams, decks, floor beams, mechanical or plenum areas and parking garages.  Applied in multiple passes to build required thickness to meet fire-rating and UL Designs.


Intumescent paints provides architects the ability to design steel structures that can be decorative and aesthetically pleasing. It can be top coated to match its surroundings and allows steel to be left exposed to view while providing the required fire resistance rating.

What YOU need to KNOW!

  • Knowing when to schedule firestop scope is the largest area of concern.  Pre-planning and collaboration is key to a cost-effective installation.
  • Traditionally, multiple trades have installed firestop systems, with little attention to compliance with standards, codes and documentation.
  • US Industry estimates 56% - 58% of most firestop systems are non-compliant. Although studies have not been done in Canada, experts say that these numbers are similar to what Canadian statistics would be.
  • Smoke spreads rapidly through openings in walls and floors. Nearly 70% of all building related deaths are directly associated with smoke inhalation.
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