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We are authorized applicators for:

A/D Fire   |   Carboline

Intumescent fire-rated paint provides a decorative thin-film fire resistive coating system for structural steel, beams, columns, tubes and pipes. It allows designers and architects to obtain a smooth, aesthetically pleasing and durable finish, along with the required fire protection, while allowing them to realize their visions in steel. Intumescent coatings on exposed architectural steel assemblies can achieve a fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours! Under the exposure to fire (300F), intumescent coatings expands to form an insulating char layer that protects the structural steel underneath.

Eco-Lok conducts on-going inspections, documentation, adhesion testing and measuring for specified thickness.

Field testing of environmental conditions prior to application is critical to the performance and quality of the installation.

Eco-Lok evaluates for:

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Substrate Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • Moisture content

  • Surface condition & Preparation

  • Water Based Coating

  • Low VOC

  • Low odor

  • Smooth to orange peel finish

  • Water clean up

  • Sensitive to moisture,humidity and temperature

  • Leed Compliant

  • Longest re-coat window

AD Thermosorb VOC
  • Solvent Based

  • Less sensitive to inclement weather

  • Smooth to orange peel finish

  • Solvent clean up

  • Leed Compliant

  • Solvent odor

  • Shorter re-coat window

Buildings today require more than just one type of protective coatings. These coatings vary in viscosity, temperature and required pressures during the application process. By selecting ECO-LOK you know we got you covered beginning to end of the project.

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